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Visa Instructions for Spring 2022 Students

Visa Instructions for Spring 2022 Students

In order to participate in the Brown in Bologna program, you must obtain a student visa prior to arrival in Italy unless you are an Italian or EU Citizen. Students who are traveling on their Italian or other EU passport do not need to obtain a student visa.

A student visa is an official authorization (i.e. a stamp, or apostille) placed in your passport that shows you have permission from the Italian government to enter Italy and stay for a specific period of time. 

You are eligible to apply for your visa at the consulate with jurisdiction over your home school and/or permanent residence. Contact information for the Italian consulates in the US can be found here. You are responsible for confirming the requirements with the consulate through which you intend to apply; please read carefully as requirements vary among consulates. Please also download our sample application to help guide you as you complete the visa application form. Keep in mind that the visa process at most consulates typically takes 2-3 weeks and your passport will be unavailable to you during this time. 

Applying for your visa on your own will require additional documentation as determined by the consulate where you are applying for your visa. The Brown Office of International Programs (OIP) will provide some of this documentation, including: 

  • Notarized letter of acceptance to the Brown program from the OIP, including address of program housing in Bologna, program dates, and confirmation of Italian health insurance coverage.

  • Letter confirming emergency medical evacuation and repatriation coverage through International SOS

  • Letter of invitation/enrollment from the University of Bologna, written in Italian and in English, and including program dates.

You must schedule an appointment to apply for your visa and appear in person at the Italian Consulate. You cannot apply for your visa more than 90 days before the start of the program and will need to await the aforementioned documents from the OIP to submit with your visa application. Therefore, you should schedule your appointment as soon as possible with the appropriate Italian consulate for a date no earlier than November 1.

IMPORTANT: Your letter of enrollment from the University of Bologna will be stamped with a seal from the Italian consulate when your visa is issued. This document will be returned to you with your passport. You must bring this letter with you to Italy.  

Visa fees and refunds

In most cases, making an appointment to request your student visa for Italy typically does not incur a fee. However, in preparation for your appointment, you may incur expenses related to your application, such as passport photos and application fees. Your visa application also requires proof of your roundtrip international airfare and we recommend you carefully review the cancellation policies of the airline or travel agency. Refunds for any expenses you incur, including accommodation deposits, airline fees, and visa application fees, are subject to the policies of the relevant agency, airline, or other third party and will not be provided by Brown.

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