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Brown in the United Kingdom

At a Glance
Where: England, Scotland, or Wales
Partners: 30 UK Institutions
Housing: Varies by location
Language Requirement: None
Calendar: Varies by location
Accepts Non-Brown Students: No
Special Feature: Brown +1 in Edinburgh


Brown offers an array of study abroad options throughout the UK. Selecting a British university at which to study abroad is similar to choosing an American college to attend as an undergraduate. An institution's academic strengths, location, and campus culture are the main considerations. Because Britain is a compact nation, public transportation is efficient and the offerings of city life are within reach.

Sites outside of London (such as Glasgow, Edinburgh, Bristol, or Sussex) allow for an in-depth experience of British life and culture at a reasonable cost. Residential-style campuses, a marked contrast to the commuter-styled campuses found in many cities, are found in other sites outside of London. Qualified students may apply for study with the Architectural Association School of Architecture in London or at the University College of Wales at Aberystwyth.

Academics in the UK

The British educational system offers much more specialized study and independent work than its American counterpart. In addition to class lectures and seminar discussions, the crux of learning is founded upon a student's individualized work, which involves significant independent research and writing. Students in Britain are expected to be self-motivated scholars who are quite directed in their academic fields. The British study abroad experience requires an extra measure of self-discipline and motivation from the American student. A wide variety of course offerings are available.

Special Feature
Students who study at the University of Edinburgh as juniors may opt to pursue a master's degree at Edinburgh following their graduation from Brown. Students who wish to pursue this option, known as Brown +1, should contact OIP in their sophomore year to discuss how to plan an appropriate course of study for their time abroad.  Interested in getting ahead?  Why not pursue Brown +1 and begin graduate studies at the University of Edinburgh?  

Academic Calendar

The academic year is divided into three terms lasting from October to mid-June. Many classes offered at British universities are full year courses, although classes are increasingly being taught in modules. There are fall semester (British term 1) options at University of Sussex, Glasgow University and the University of Lancaster for four Brown credits. There are fall term opportunities for three Brown credits at Goldsmith's College, King's College, University of Leeds, Royal Holloway, School of Oriental and African Studies, University of Sussex, Queen Mary College, and University College London. Many spring semester (British terms 2 and 3) options exist. The Architectural Association and London School of Economics are full-year programs only.

Support for Brown Students Studying in the UK

A support center for students studying abroad in the UK is maintained jointly by Brown, Cornell, and the University of Pennsylvania. Located in London, this center, known as the Cornell-Brown-Penn United Kingdom Centre, provides advising, support and cultural activities to students studying all over the UK.


Most UK host universities have dormitory space for study abroad students, but the spaces go quickly. Spring semester dorm space can be in limited supply. Students are advised to complete their housing applications as soon as they are accepted to a program. 

Students may rent apartments in most locations, but such rentals usually cost more than dorm rooms. Dormitory living has another advantage: such residences make it much easier to interact regularly and to build friendships with local students. 

Application Instructions

Apply by the deadline using Brown's online application system via the "apply now" and "return to application" buttons on the right side of this page.  Applications typically require faculty recommendations so it is important to begin the process early.

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