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Brown in Granada/CASA Spain

Granada is a city of stunning beauty, with a Moorish legacy that can still be strongly felt as one ambles through its ancient streets, particularly those found in its oldest quarter, the Albaicín. The artistic wealth of the city, combined with its vast cultural heritage, has inspired renowned poets, playwrights and musicians throughout the centuries.

Granada Programs 

Brown and CASA-Spain offer students four unique programs at the University of Granada. Whether you are a native Spanish speaker or have just learned a few basic words, Granada can meet your needs.

Intensive Language: Students with no prior Spanish or beginner to low-intermediate levels of Spanish enroll in a semester of intensive Spanish classes at the University of Granada's Center for Modern Languages (CLM) that will dramatically advance their language learning. This track is exclusively language-focused. Students at the intermediate levels of Spanish may also enroll in this program with the approval of their home institutions.

Hispanic Studies: Students with high intermediate to advanced levels (HISP 300-500) of Spanish language proficiency take a full load of courses at the University of Granada's Center for Modern Languages (CLM). The semester course load includes conversation and composition classes, grammar classes, and content classes in a wide array of subject areas. Classes are taught entirely in Spanish at the University of Granada’s Modern Language Center by highly qualified Spanish language teachers and UGR faculty members. 

University Studies: Students with high-advanced levels of Spanish language proficiency, who have taken the equivalent of HISP 600 or above, directly enroll in courses offered at the various schools of the University of Granada.

Translation and InterpretationStudents with exceptional Spanish language skills directly enroll in a semester program of study at the University of Granada's Faculty of Translation and Interpretation.  This track prepares students for careers that require significant exposure to a second language.

The Consortium for Advanced Studies Abroad/CASA 

The Consortium for Advanced Studies Abroad in Granada (CASA Granada) offers the opportunity for students at all levels of Spanish language proficiency to expand their horizons through a combination of rigorous academic studies, traditional immersion programming, and innovative experiential activities. The goal is for CASA students to engage with the local and university communities in meaningful and collaborative ways that will have lasting implications for their formation as global citizens. 

CASA Granada is also committed to fostering and facilitating joint research and teaching projects between the Consortium schools and the prestigious University of Granada. CASA Granada inherits a long-standing, collegial relationship with the University of Granada. Students and faculty alike will feel especially supported by these close institutional ties and benefit from the unique opportunities that will thus be afforded to them.

The dynamic CASA Granada Center is a space of international, intellectual, cultural and linguistic exchange.  It is a vibrant educational center where faculty and students from the United States, Spain and countries around the globe come together to share ideas and world views.  





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