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Lyon, France


Lyon, France’s gastronomic capital and second-largest metropolitan area, combines the allure of a bustling city with old-world charm.  

The Université Louis Lumière (Lyon 2) offers a full range of courses in the social sciences and humanities. The Institut d’Etudes Politique de Lyon (Lyon Institute of Political Science), also known as Sciences Po Lyon, is particularly renowned for Middle Eastern and North African studies. 

Brown in France's Lyon program is overseen by an on-site coordinator, who helps students with housing, assists with cultural and general orientation to Lyon and the French university system, and provides student support and advice as needed.

Programs in Lyon

Brown in France - Lyon: Students enroll in regular classes at Lyon 2, alongside French students in all disciplines. With advanced notice, students have the option to study at Lyon Sciences Po, Lyon 1 and Lyon Conservatory of Music.

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