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Sophomore Transfer Program: England

At a Glance
City: London, England
Partner: Queen Mary, University of London
Language Requirements: None
Contact: Linda Brault



The Mid-Year Transfer Program offers two UK programs, England and Scotland, for students interested in locations that boast long intertwined history, layered with tradition. Home to the English and Scottish parliaments, as well as being rich multicultural environments filled with marvelous museums, galleries, theaters, restaurants, and historical sites, the cosmopolitan cities of London and Edinburgh combine the new and the old to create an exciting, dynamic learning environment.


The British study abroad experience requires self-discipline and motivation. Students engage in the wide variety of course offerings available at both institutions through more specialized study and independent work in selected fields.

In establishing its connections with British universities, Brown has sought out institutions with excellent reputations for teaching and research. Students participating in the Mid-Year Transfer program are fully enrolled at these British universities, studying and interacting with their British counterparts in a university setting.

Students successfully completing the program will earn transfer credit from Brown University. Due to the academic calendar and length of the semester, students who select the Queen Mary option may earn three Brown credits.

Host Institution

Tracing its roots back to 1887, Queen Mary College was admitted to the University of London in 1915. Known for its strong academics and emphasis on both research and teaching, Queen Mary offers courses of study at 21 academic schools and institutes, with a wide range of subjects in the humanities, social sciences, science and engineering. In addition, it boasts state of the art research and student facilities.

Logistical Information

On Site Support
A support center for students studying abroad in the UK is maintained jointly by Brown, Cornell, and the University of Pennsylvania. Located in London, this center, known as the Cornell-Brown-Penn United Kingdom Centre, provides advising, support and cultural activities to students studying all over the UK.

Students will be housed in university accommodations. Dorm rooms are available if housing applications are completed in a timely fashion and submitted by the deadline established by the host university.

Program Dates
Early September to mid-December

Program Costs
For more information on program costs, please see our semester and year-long program cost page.

Application Deadline
June 5, 2017

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