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Sophomore Transfer Program: Spain

At a Glance

City: Granada, Spain
Partner: The University of Granada
Language Requirements: Open to all language levels
Contact: Macala Lamour


Granada is a city of stunning beauty, with a Moorish legacy that can still be strongly felt as one ambles through its ancient streets, particularly those found in its oldest quarter, the AlbaicĂ­n. The artistic wealth of the city, combined with its vast cultural heritage, has inspired renowned poets, playwrights and musicians throughout the centuries.

The University of Granada's Center for Modern Languages (CLM) specializes in the delivery of both intensive Spanish language and content courses in Hispanic studies appropriate for students from across academic disciplines.


The OIP Transfer Program in Granada is appropriate for transfer students at all language levels. Students will have an opportunity to significantly hone their Spanish language skills in a way that cannot be duplicated at home and enroll in rigorous content courses that will deepen their understanding of Spain's historical, social, political, economic and cultural fabric. Students successfully completing the program will earn a standard load of transfer credit from Brown equivalent to 4 Brown credits.

Beginner to intermediate Spanish level transfer students enroll in the Intensive Spanish Language Studies track (CILE) instruction that provides them with the reading, writing and oral proficiencies, appropriate to their levels, necessary to communicate effectively in the Spanish language. The program consists of 20 hours of instruction per week over the course of the semester. Small classes (maximum of 12-15 students), offering an intensive instruction program, are taught by Spanish language instructors who utilize a communicative classroom approach.  Students are in class four hours per day, five days per week. Courses generally consist of two hours with one professor followed by two hours with another professor, with a short break in between. A student can expect to progress through approximately three language levels (maximum of four in some cases) over the course of the semester.  A student’s class schedule may vary each month according to the time their level is offered (morning session or afternoon session). 

Intermediate-high to low-advanced Spanish level transfer students enroll in the Hispanic Studies Track (CEH) which combines language instruction with content courses. CEH students take Speaking and Writing Skills (required) and four additional classes taught in Spanish from the following subject areas: Linguistics, Literature, Geography, History, History of Art, Sociology, Politics, Economics, Culture and Modern Languages (Arabic, French, Chinese, etc.). Course descriptions are available here. Fall-semester students take a one-month intensive language class prior to the start of CEH classes, and typically take 4 courses during the rest of the semester.

Host Institution

The University of Granada, founded in 1531 by the Emperor Charles, is one of the oldest in Europe. Its Islamic roots go back to the original Palacio de la Madraza, founded in 1349 by Sultan Yusuf I. Today, it is a comprehensive university with over 60,000 students.

The Center for Modern Languages (CLM)
Recognized by the Cervantes Institute for excellence in the delivery of a broad array of language programs, the CLM is a pioneer in Spanish language instruction for international students, with origins that date to the delivery of its first program nearly 50 years ago. Today the CLM offers students state-of-the art classroom and language laboratories for multimedia and audio-video activities.

Logistical Information

On Site Support
Brown appointed on-site staff assist students upon arrival and throughout their stay in Granada

Students will be placed with carefully selected host families for the duration of the program.

Program Dates
End of August to mid-December

Program Costs
For more information on program costs, please see our cost page.

Application Deadline
June 5, 2015

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