Office of International Programs

Brown in Brazil: Sample Courses

The Brown in Brazil coordinator on site will help you after you arrive to finalize your choices. Here are some of the courses in which Brown students have previously enrolled:

  • Financial Administration
  • Financial Institutions in Brazil
  • Principles of Marketing
  • Budgets for Business
  • Capital Market & Investments
  • Consumer Behavior
  • Marketing Management
Cultural Studies/Art History
  • Brazilian Culture
  • History of the Press in Brazil
  • History of Brazilian Cinema
  • History of Advertising in Brazil
  • Public films and Commercials
  • Documentary Cinema
  • History of Modern Art
  • Contemportary Brazilian Ecoomy
  • General Economic History II
  • History of Brazilian Education II
  • Physical Geography--Geomorphology
  • Human Geography--Agrarian Space and Production of Work
  • Human Geography--Urban Space
  • Human & Economic Geography
  • Spatial Formation of Latin America
  • Biogeography
  • Regional Geography--Modern World I
History/Political Science
  • Brazilian History II
  • Brazilian History IV
  • History of the Americas IV
  • History of the Americas VI
  • Social and Political Organizations of Brazil
  • Political Institutions of Brazil
  • Political, Economic and Social History of Brazil
  • Constitutional Law I
  • Brazil’s Foreign Policy
  • Brazilian Literature--Poetry Masters
  • Brazilian Literature Masterworks--Prose Masters
  • Discourse Semantics
  • Individual Reserch Project
  • American Literature
  • Communication & Brazilian Literature
  • Psychological Systems IV (Psychoanalysis)
Religious Studies
  • Pastoral: Afro-Brazilian Cults
  • History of the Church in Latin America
Social Anthropology
  • Ideologies in Latin America
  • Sociology of Everyday Life
  • Cultural Anthropology
  • Brazilian Anthropology I
  • Intoduction to Translation
  • Portuguese for Translators

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