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Program Costs: Barcelona

Barcelona Costs: 2013/14

Note: Cost differences based on length of semesters.  Fall is 4 months, spring is 5.5 months, and the year-long program is 10 months.

Expense Expense Type Fall
Spring Year
Program Fee* Billed by Brown $22304 $22304 $44608
Housing Fee (estimated)
Billed by Brown $4956 $6631 $11587
Brown Student Health Insurance** Billed by Brown $2986 $2986 $2986
Estimated Airfare
Direct Student Cost $1300 $1300 $1300
Estimated Food
Direct Student Cost $1040 $1560 $2600
Estimated Daily Living Expenses
Direct Student Cost $1320 $1980 $3300
Estimated Local Transport Direct Student Cost $300 $450 $750
Visa Fees
Direct Student Cost $140 $140 $140
Estimated Books Direct Student Cost $55 $110 $165

*Program Fee: The program fee covers onsite tuition, related academic programming and program sponsored excursions. It also covers the onsite orientation program and the services of the onsite program staff. This program is an exchange program, and in order to facilitate cultural exchange and interaction, a portion of the program fee you pay supports exchange visitors to Brown from this site.

**Health Insurance: Students will be billed automatically for Brown Student Health Insurance, unless an online “Health Insurance Waiver Form” is completed by June 1st for Fall and Full year programs or January 1st for Spring programs. You will receive a Student Health Insurance Plan information packet, which will include instructions on how to waive the insurance online if you have other comparable insurance in place.

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