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Brown +1

Brown + 1 offers select Brown undergraduates the opportunity to complement a Brown course of study with a master’s degree from Trinity College Dublin, Pompeu Fabra University, University of Edinburgh or Chinese University of Hong Kong. Accepted students spend at least one semester of their junior year in Ireland, Spain, Scotland, or Hong Kong, making progress toward a one-year master’s degree in any of a number of disciplines of study. Upon returning to Brown, students complete the remaining requirements for their undergraduate degrees. After graduating from Brown, students may return to Edinburgh, Barcelona, Dublin or Hong Kong to complete the remaining requirements for the master's degree.  

How it works 

Brown students declare their intention to participate in the Brown +1 international program during their fourth semester at Brown. They study abroad in Dublin, Barcelona, Edinburgh or Hong Kong during the fall and/or spring semesters of their junior year. Students follow standard OIP application procedures.

While abroad

Students take a full load of courses and complete a Global Independent Study Project (GLISP) linked to their concentrations. Students select at least one graduate-level offering as part of their full load. The graduate coursework completed in the junior year will be accepted by Trinity College Dublin, Pompeu Fabra University, the University of Edinburgh, or Chinese University of Hong Kong in partial fulfillment of the requirements for approved one-year taught master's degrees in a variety of disciplines.

Return to Brown

After returning to Brown from study abroad, students complete their remaining undergraduate degree requirements just like other Brown students.  Many students use their GLISP experience as a foundation for research projects in their senior year, including capstones and honors theses. 

Complete the One Year Master's Degree

There is no requirement that students return to Dublin, Barcelona, Edinburgh or Hong Kong to complete the master's degree. However, the option is compelling, given that they will have completed a portion of their international graduate degree requirements while studying abroad. Students have the added incentive of returning to a highly respected international university with which they are already familiar. Within a year of receiving an undergraduate degree from Brown, these students obtain an international graduate-level credential that will give them an advantage as they enter the global workforce or consider further post-graduate study. 

Brown financial aid does not carry over once the student graduates from Brown; students will have to seek other funding for the additional year to complete the masters program. 

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