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Brown +1: CUHK's Master of Arts in Global Communication

Overview of Program Strengths

  • provides enhanced learning for students wanting to work in areas such as media, education, management, and research;
  • is designed to develop students' ability to apply their theoretical knowledge through case studies, various research projects, and field trips; and
  • has diverse teaching topics such as global media flows, new information technologies, culture and communication, and media policy.

MA in Global Communication students complete 8 courses (24 units) to graduate.

Course Exemption

Brown graduates who enroll in the MA in Global Communication Program may be exempted from one of the following 3-unit undergraduate/postgraduate courses if taken at CUHK during junior year study abroad.

Program Structure

The one-year program consists of a 2-month preparatory course during July and August, followed by three terms commencing in September and lasting until June of the following year.

Course Code Course Title
Undergraduate courses
COMM 4140 International Communication
COMM 3936 Directing for Creative Media
COMM 3939 Film Directors
Postgraduate courses
COMM 5590 Communication in Intercultural Settings
COMM 5711 Comparative Media Systems and Global Media
COMM 5120 Globalization and Communication

Study Scheme

Term 1

  • Seminar in Communication Theories
  • Comparative Media Systems and Global Media
  • Applied Communication Research
  • One elective course*

Term 2

  • Globalization and Communication
  • Communication in Intercultural Settings
  • Two elective courses*

*List of elective courses:

  • Political Communication
  • Cultural Studies: Theories and Practice
  • Statistical Analysis in Communication
  • Strategic Analysis of Media Industries
  • Media Management
  • Media Economics
  • Crisis Management
  • Interpersonal and Group Communication
  • Strategic Public Relations in Greater China
  • Online and Mobile Journalism
  • Development and Selling International Media Content
  • New Media and Society
  • Critical Media Studies
  • Strategic Management in Global Media Corporations
  • Understanding Culture through Film
  • Creative Television Advertising Production
  • Telecommunications Policy
  • Issues of ICTs in China
  • Communication Patterns in Chinese Society
  • Advanced Multivariate Analysis in Communication
  • Advanced Qualitative Communication Research
  • Multi-disciplinary Approach to Information Technologies
  • Journalism Theory and Analysis (approval required)
  • Strategies for Integrated Communication Campaigns (approval required)
  • Contemporary Issues in Communication (approval required)
  • Graduation Project (approval and special requirements required)

Career Prospects

MA in Global Communication graduates are employed in a broad range of industries, from journalism and PR to marketing, commerce, finance, and education. The critical thinking skills, knowledge, and experiences gained in the Global Communication program have provided them with the necessary tools to thrive in today's competitive job market.

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