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Brown +1: UPF Masters in Liberal Arts

Literary Creation

The Master in Literary Creation (MUCREL) seeks to build a relationship between the creative activity of current authors and high level academia, enhancing the education of writers.

  • Required Background: Degrees in any academic field of study will be accepted.
  • Required ECTS: 60
  • Language(s) of Instruction: Spanish
  • Coordination: IDEC, UPF Graduate School
Comparative Studies in Literature, Art and Thought

This master's degree has a multidisciplinary focus which highlights the relationships between the arts and between the different cultural discourses, both from the contemporary and the historical perspectives.Three tracks: Literature, Art and Thought. Learn more.

  • Required Background: Degree in Humanities, History of Art, Philosophy, Languages and Literature, History, Theory of Literature and Comparative Literature, Journalism, Audiovisual Communication, Translation and Interpretation, Political Sciences, Psychology, Sociology, Anthropology, Education Sciences, Fine Arts, Architecture or Geography.
  • Required ECTS: 60
  • Language(s) of Instruction: Catalan & Spanish
  • Coordination: UPF
World History

This master's degree follows one of the most innovative lines of study in this discipline of the last twenty years, World History, which unlike traditional history stresses the study of the interconnections between different human societies and on how they have evolved over time. It is essential for future generations of historians to be sensitive to contemporary diversity and to the historical roots of the plural traditions of the global village. Learn more.

  • Required Background: Degrees only in the following academic fields of study will be accepted: Humanities, History, Geography, History of Art, Philosophy, Economics, Business Management and Administration, Labour Relations, Political Sciences, Anthropology, Education and Pedagogy, Journalism, Audiovisual Communication, Psychology, Sociology, Languages or Literatures.
  • Required ECTS: 60
  • Language(s) of Instruction: Catalan, Spanish & English
  • Coordination: UPF 

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