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Brown +1: Trinity School of Language, Literature, Cultural Studies


Comparative Literature

Course Module Code ECTS
Moving Between Cultures CP7001 20
Figurations of Berlin FR7092 10
Utopia and Science Fiction CP7008 10
Culture and Confinement CP7006 10
Literature and Exile CP7005 10
Dantean Echoes CP7004 10

Medieval Language, Literature, and Culture

Course Module Code ECTS
Latin FR7043 10
Old English FR7071 10

Diploma in Old Irish

Course Module Code ECTS
Introduction to Old Irish IR7001 20
Tutorials in Old Irish IR7002 20
Old Irish literature/poetry IR7003 10
Old Irish glosses/saga lit. IR7004 10

Textual and Visual Studies
Potentially all modules, for suitably qualified students.

European Studies
Further modules may be opened to suitably qualified students.

Course Module Code ECTS
Europe and its Other(s) EU7000 20
Cinema in Communist and Post-Communist Eastern Europe EU7005 10
Cultures of Memory and Identity in Central Europe EU7003 10
Figurations of European National Identities FR7095 10

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