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Brown +1: Trinity School of Religions, Theology, & Ecumenics

Intercultural Theology and Interreligious Studies

Course Module Code ECTS
Translating God(s): Intercultural Theology & Interreligious Studies  EM7101 10
Authority, Tradition and Experience: Ecumenics as Intercultural Theology EM7461 10
Comparative Theology:  Meaning and Practice  EM7481 10
Religions and Ethics in a Pluralist World  EM7491 10
Nature, Grace and the Triune God  EM7462 10
Developing Doctrine:  Identity and Change in Christian Tradition  EM7463 10
Interpreting Ecumenical Ecclesiology  EM7464 10
An Ecumenics of Loss:  Religion, Modernity, and Reconciliation  EM7565 10
Creation, Cosmology and Ecotheology  EM7466 10
Engaging Religious Fundamentalism  EM7467 10
Crosscultural Ministry and Interreligious Encounter  EM7468 10
Christian Seeds in Hindu Soil:  Christianity in South Asia  EM7472 10
Church in the Shadow of the Mosque: Christianity in the World of Islam  EM7473 10
On Being Human:  Theological Anthropology in Crosscultural Perspective  EM7474 10
The Many Faces of Jesus:  Christology and Cultures  EM7475 10
Comparative/Interreligious Ethics  EM7476 10
Muslim God, Christian God:Islam & Muslim-Christian Comparative Theology EM7482 10
Hindu God,Christian God:Hinduism & Hindu-Christian Comparative Theology  EM7483 10
Judaism and Jewish-Christian Relations  EM7484 10
Issues in Buddhist-Christian Dialogue  EM7485 10

International Peace Studies

Course Module Code ECTS
International Peace StudiesNorthern Ireland: Conflict, Religion and the Politics of Peace  EM7492 10
Armed Conflict, Peacebuilding and Development  EM7431 10
International Politics  EM7432 10
Ethics in International Affairs  EM7433 10
The United Nations and Peacekeeping EM7435 10
Gender, War and Peace  EM7436 10
Human Rights in Theory and Practice  EM7438 10

Conflict Resolution and Reconciliation

Course Module Code ECTS
Conflict Analysis and Models of Intervention  EM7441 10
Conflict Resolution Skills  EM7442 10
Conflict Transformation  EM7443 10
Conflict Resolution Lessons from Comparative Peace Processes  EM7444 10

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