Office of International Programs

Faculty FAQ’s

What is the Office of International Programs?

The Office of International Programs is responsible for the management of study abroad opportunities for Brown undergraduates. We offer undergraduate students the opportunity to study abroad through a wide variety of academic programs, some offered directly by Brown and others sponsored by institutions that Brown approves for academic credit. Well over 500 Brown students study outside of the United States each year through the OIP. We also work with students from other institutions who are interested in studying abroad on a Brown-sponsored program. The Global Independent Study Project (GLISP) is one of the programs housed under the OIP.

"On a personal note, the GLISP was a wonderful opportunity maintain ties to Brown and to get to know a fabulous faculty member. [He] turned out to be my thesis advisor of course, but also a fabulous mentor." — Returned GLISP student

What is the Global Independent Study Project (GLISP)?

Similar to the on-campus Independent Study program (ISP), Brown’s Global Independent Study Project (GLISP) allows Brown students going abroad through any semester or year-long program to pursue a directed independent research project for credit, to explore topics not covered by a class offered at Brown or by their study abroad program. Students create their own courses, i.e. “independent studies”, capitalizing on resources in the host country that are not available in Providence. Students create the GLISP course under the guidance of a Brown faculty sponsor and bear primary responsibility for developing a course syllabus, a bibliography, and a compelling rationale for the study. 

In order to do a GLISP, students have to apply the previous semester and have their applications approved by the College Curriculum Council.

The deadline is typically the first Friday in April for the fall semester and the first Friday in November the spring semester. 

What is my role as Faculty Sponsor?

As a Faculty Sponsor, you guide the student(s) through the process of creating the course and then executing it, e.g. pointing them to resources like readings and books, and ensuring that they are on track with their syllabus. As part of the application process, you will have to complete a short faculty sponsor statement, expressing your support for this course. During the course of the GLISP, you are responsible for evaluating the student when they take the course and for giving a final grade. In a GLISP, your role is more advisory in nature than in a traditional on-campus course.

What are the OIP’s expectations for Faculty Sponsors?

We understand that faculty members have intense schedules and that the GLISPs they sponsor are on a voluntary basis. Keeping that in mind, requirements from Faculty Sponsors include:

  • Sit in on weekly Zoom meetings or engage in weekly discussions by email with your student.
  • Evaluate at least a midterm and a final assignment, and submit final course grade.

How can faculty be supportive of students in a GLISP?

  • Agree on your availability and involvement with your student early on.
  • Check-in regularly with the progress of their application (the semester before) and during the actual course.
  • Clarify and communicate to your student about how they will be evaluated.

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