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World Cinema in Bologna, Italy 2019

Cinema Ritrovato Film FestivalCinema Ritrovato Film Festival











At a Glance

Topic: Film/Cinema
City: Bologna, Italy
Credit: 1 Brown course (ITAL1029/MCM 1202Y)
Application Deadline: March 29, 2019
Approximate Dates: June 9 - July 6, 2019
Faculty Director: Massimo Riva
Collaborating Faculty: Philip Rosen (Brown), Giacomo Manzoli (University of Bologna), and Adriano Sforzi (Bologna Cineteca) 
Pre-requisites: None. Courses taught in English; no previous knowledge of Italian required. 


Experience the 2019 Cinema Ritrovato Film Festival in Bologna, Italy while studying World cinema at the University of Bologna and the Bologna Cineteca, one of the most important centers for film restoration in Europe and the home of the Charlie Chaplin and Pier Paolo Pasolini film archives. Students attend lectures and seminars in English taught by Brown and University of Bologna film scholars and public screenings (in original language or subtitled) and learn how to write, shoot, and edit a short film under the direction of one of Italy’s young award-winning directors. 

The Cineteca of Bologna is a world-class center for film studies and film restoration: restoration of the complete works of Charlie Chaplin, a restored version with missing footage of Sergio Leone's last masterpiece, Once Upon a Time in America, restorations of several crucial Italian films such as Visconti's Senso and The Leopard, Rossellini's Voyage to Italy, and many more. Since its announcement at the Cannes Film Festival in 2007, the Bologna Cineteca has also played a key role in the World Cinema Foundation by restoring several films presented by the WCF at the L'Immagine Ritrovata laboratory.

The 2019 Cinema Ritrovato festival runs from late June to early July 2019. Days are packed with screenings, conversations, events; four screens running from morning to evening (two Lumière Theatres, Arlecchino and Jolly Cinemas); and the evening wonder in Piazza Maggiore, the Renaissance square at the heart of Bologna.

Courses and Excursions

This program is co-sponsored by the departments of Modern Culture and Media and Italian Studies at Brown University. 

Cineteca with BrownCineteca with Brown

ITAL1029/MCM 1202Y World Cinema in Italy 

This intensive summer course introduces students to World Cinema and its history through an original contextualized approach: within the framework of an International film festival hosted by one of Europe’s most renowned centers for film restoration, the Cinema Ritrovato at the Cineteca of Bologna. Looking at World Cinema as a polycentric global phenomenon, students become acquainted with a wide range of mainstream, art house, alternative, experimental and avant-garde films. Students also attend a workshop at the Bologna Cineteca, learning how to write, shoot and edit a short film under the direction of one of Italy’s young award winning directors. Participants attend lectures and seminars in English taught by Brown and University of Bologna film scholars, and public film screenings (all films in original language, subtitled). 

Program excursions and activities include a welcome dinner, tour of Bologna, local field trips/tours, a few group lunches, cooking class/farewell dinner, and a trip to Parma.*   

*Excursions subject to change based on scheduling and academic programming requirements.

Program Faculty and Staff

Massimo Riva is Professor of Italian Studies and a member of the graduate faculty of the Modern Culture and Media Department and has taught at Brown University since 1990. Prof. Riva's research focuses on the intersection of literary and visual culture in modern Italy and the digital humanities. He regularly teaches courses on Italian film. His work in progress includes the Garibaldi and the Risorgimento project, centered on the Garibaldi moving panorama, a unique survival of a form of public media that was prevalent throughout the nineteenth century.

Philip Rosen is Professor of Modern Culture and Media at Brown. He works in the fields of film theory and history, with special attention to question of culture and ideology, and to historiography and temporality in the contexts of a variety of national cinemas. He has also written on television and on digital media. Prof. Rosen is currently working on nationality and globality in film and media, and on conceptions of materialism in the history of film theory.

Giacomo Manzoli teaches film, television and multimedia production at the University of Bologna. His current research combines film historiography with a sociological approach, focusing on the role of popular film genres in the construction and transformation of Italian national identity, between the end of the 1950s and the first half of the 1970s. 

Adriano Sforzi's debut short feature, Jodi delle giostre, won Italy's most prestigious film award, the David of Donatello, in 2011. He regularly teaches courses and workshops on filmmaking and directing at the Cineteca of Bologna. His work includes a feature film set in the world of circus (L'Equilibrio del Cucchiaino) and Più Libero di Prima, the story of an Italian boy finding his own freedom in the injustice of an Indian prison.

Housing and Meals

Students live in Brown-rented apartments, with peers from the program. Students are assigned their own rooms in a shared, fully furnished apartment. All apartments are located in beautiful and convenient areas of town.

Students cook for themselves or eat out at the numerous local restaurants. Bologna is famed for its cuisine, so many wonderful opportunities exist to explore this aspect of Italian and Bolognese culture.

Program Costs

To get an idea of the cost, see the 2018 estimated program budget, including cost of living expenses. Limited financial aid is available for eligible Brown students.


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