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Capture Abroad Photo Contest

Northern Lights, Kangerlussuaq, GreenlandNorthern Lights, Kangerlussuaq, GreenlandCapture your time abroad and show off your artistic skills! The OIP holds photo contests 2-3 times each year. For each photo contest, there will be three prizes: the winner of the contest will receive $50, and the two runners-up will receive $25 each. 

Rules and Submission Guidelines

  • You may submit up to three (3) entries total. If you submit more than three, only your last three entries will be accepted.
  • To submit the photos, you must first like the OIP Facebook Page, follow the OIP on Twitter @OIPBrown, or follow us on Instagram (oipbrown).
  • Check for the hashtag for the specific photo contest (for example, #Brownwinterabroad; #Brownspringabroad2016).
  • In the caption of the photo, please include the location in which it was taken.
  • Entries from travel outside of your host country are acceptable.
  • Entries will be judged based on artistic quality and cross-cultural content.
  • Photos must be your own original work.
  • We are especially interested in photos that show cross-cultural content and show your experience abroad rather than historical landmarks.
  • By entering the contest, you give permission to Brown University to use photographs and/or video of you during this year’s study abroad programs and to use the images so taken in whatever way Brown University shall choose. By this authorization you agree that you shall not receive any fee and that all rights, title and interest of the images, and use of them, belong to Brown University. You further release and indemnify Brown University, including the Corporation, its Trustees, faculty, employees, staff, and other agents from and against any and all liability and responsibility for any claim or cause of action on account of any damages, expenses, or other loss caused, suffered, or occurred during, arising out of or in any way associated, directly or indirectly, with my appearance in the photographs, the maker of such images, and/or their use.

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