Office of International Programs

Credit Transfer

OIP will send you reminders at critical times during the semester to ensure you complete the credit transfer process correctly.  However, it is critical that you consider credit transfer policies throughout the study abroad process. 

Brown Programs

For Brown students on Brown programs, all graduation credit will transfer automatically.  Transcripts from the Brown programs are sent directly to the OIP. The OIP will notify you when your transcript is available for pick up.  The only exception is the Brown in Germany program; participants must bring their Scheine to the OIP.

Non-Brown students on Brown programs should work with their home institution to ensure that they are meeting requirements.  Brown will ensure that all transcripts from Brown programs are sent to the appropriate office, as directed by the student or home institution.

Non-Brown Programs

Students on non-Brown programs (alternative approved and petition) are required to have their host institution send the transcript to Brown’s Registrar:

Student Records Coordinator
Office of the Registrar
Box K
Providence, RI 02912 USA

Students should confirm with the Office of the Registrar that the transcript has been received.

They must also complete the "Post-Approval Form: Approved and Petition Programs" and return it to the OIP. 

Concentration Credit

Students who wish to obtain concentration credit from study abroad must complete the approval through the ASK/Advising Sidekick system at Brown.  

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