Office of International Programs

Credit Transfer Process for Semester/Year Programs

OIP will send you reminders during the semester to help you complete the credit transfer process correctly.  However, it is critical that you consider credit transfer policies throughout the study abroad process. 

Brown/CASA Programs

For Brown students on Brown/CASA programs, general degree credit will transfer with a grade of C or higher (for concentration credit approval, see below.) Transcripts from the Brown/CASA programs are sent directly to the OIP. The OIP will notify you when your transcript is available for pick up.  

Non-Brown students on Brown/CASA programs should work with their home institution to ensure that they are meeting requirements. Brown will ensure that all transcripts from Brown programs are sent to the appropriate office, as directed by the student or home institution.

Non-Brown Programs (Approved and Petition)

It is essential that you have your official transcript for your study abroad semester(s) sent to the Office of the Registrar at Brown; otherwise your credit will not transfer and your courses taken while studying abroad will not count toward your Brown degree.

1. Have your official transcript from your study abroad program sent to the Office of the Registrar at Brown. Check with your study abroad program to be sure you have completed any necessary paperwork.

Electronic Copies

Transcripts can be sent electronically to [email protected] if the program provider or host institution offers secure, online transcript delivery.

By Mail

If electronic delivery is not an option, official transcripts should be mailed to:

Student Records Coordinator
Office of the Registrar
Box K
Providence, RI 02912 USA

2. The Office of the Registrar wil notify you after your transcript has been received.

3. Once the Office of the Registrar receives your transcript, they will forward it to the OIP for credit evaluation. Please allow for at least a week for us to complete the evaluation process. General degree credit will transfer with a grade of C or higher (for concentration credit approval, see below.)

4. When the OIP completes that process, your transcript will then be sent back to the Office of the Registrar so your course titles and credits can be posted on your Brown transcript. 

Concentration Credit  

To obtain concentration credit from study abroad, you must complete the approval request through the "Declarations" section in the ASK/Advising Sidekick system at Brown.  Step by step "Concentration Approval" instructions for both students and concentration advisors can be found on this Brown IT Help Page. 

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