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International Opportunities in Providence

Now that you are back, it is likely that you will want to participate in Internationally-focused activities.  Below you will find some ideas in the local community, at Brown, and through the OIP. 

In the Local Community

At Brown

  • Join a Brown student group with an international focus - or just sit in on a meeting.  There is one for just about everything! 
  • Visit the Watson Institute for International Studies and see what programs, seminars or guest lecturers are being sponsored.
  • Participate in programming offered by the Brown Center for Students of Color.  Sample programs include Asian/Asian American History Month in October and Caribbean Heritage Week in March.
  • Go to the office hours of a professor in the Comp Lit, Portuguese Studies or other related department. You could look into opportunities to TA a language course or pursue research options.
  • Consider completing a Group Independent Study Project (GISP) or an Independent Study Project (ISP). Learn Swahili with five of your closest friends or study the political practices of Turkey on your own.  See the Curricular Resource Center for details.
  • Get involved with the Conversation Partners Program at Brown.  

With the OIP

  • Share your stories with prospective study abroad students. Look for an email from us when you return, asking you to be on a list of students who are willing to share their experiences.
  • Come work for us as a Peer Advisor! We hire once a year, so check the Student Employment Website in late July - early August. 

Don’t worry – there’s more!  Throughout the year, OIP will contact students who have returned from abroad with unique opportunities and programs.

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Our grant database offers a wide range of funding opportunities for undergraduate and graduate students, faculty, and researcher in different fields of work.

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