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Re-enrolling in a Brown Meal Plan

When students sign a study abroad leave form, their meal plan is automatically canceled. Dining Services therefore assumes that students are no longer on the meal plan when they return to campus. It is therefore your responsibility to inform Dining Services by phone (401-863-3343) or email (Lisa_Sargent@brown.eduas soon as possible if you wish to participate in a meal plan when you return from your semester(s) abroad. Students are not automatically re-enrolled in the plan unless they make a request through Dining Services.  

Students returning to campus in Fall 2018 should notify Dining Services about their re-enrollment in a meal plan by August 15, 2018 to enure that their bill will be updated to reflect the full cost of attendance for the fall semester. If you contact Dining Services to enroll in a meal plan after August 15, the charge for your meal plan will appear on a subsequent bill. 

Meal Plan Changes and Deadlines (Fall 2018)

  • Deadline to cancel a meal plan without a fee: 9/04/18

  • Deadline to make changes for Fall 2018: 9/26/18

  • Deadline to cancel a meal plan with $50 fee: 9/26/18

Students who study abroad should be sure to include the cost of meals when budgeting for the semester that they return from study abroad, even if the meal plan has not yet been placed on their Brown bill. Once they re-enroll in the meal plan, that cost will be added onto their Brown bill - and students need to be prepared to pay for that expense. NB: Brown's Financial Aid office includes the same amount for meal expenses in their cost of attendance budget (used to calculate financial aid), whether or not a student enrolls in the Brown meal plan.  

Questions concerning the terms of Meal Plan Contracts should be directed to the Dining Services office. More information on meal plans can be found on the Brown Dining Services website, including details on making meal plan changes and relevant deadliines.

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