Office of International Programs

Study Abroad Fee Structure

All Brown students who study abroad for academic credit are charged Brown University tuition while studying abroad.

The Corporation of Brown University established a fee structure for study abroad, allowing all eligible students to study abroad on essentially the same terms as on-campus study. As a result, all students who began their matriculation at Brown after July 1, 2006 will be charged Brown University tuition ("Home School Tuition") while studying abroad for academic credit.

This fee structure reflects the University’s belief that all Brown undergraduates — including those receiving university scholarships — should have the opportunity to study abroad. The University meets the full need of students eligible for financial aid, whether they are studying at Brown or abroad. This fee structure allows students to choose their overseas programs based on academics and personal fit rather than cost. Students can apply their financial aid awards — including Brown scholarships — toward the cost of a study abroad program if all financial aid application requirements are met.

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