University Community Academic Advising Progra

The University Community Academic Advising Program (UCAAP, pronounced "you-cap") was designed for students who want community service and social change work to be a central part of their Brown experience. UCAAP brings together a lively and engaged cohort of students together with advisors who will challenge and support their exploration of academic learning and effective community engagement. 

The UCAAP Experience

UCAAP offers a variety of experiences during the first year  – advising, academic courses, small discussions, walking tours, site visits, lectures, film screenings and retreats – all designed to help one think critically about the intersection between the classroom and the community.


There are no community service requirements for UCAAP; each participant chooses how much time they want to devote to work in the community. However, UCAAP does require all participants to:

  1. Participate in a UCAAP opening event that will take place during Orientation.
  2. Attend at least three UCAAP events each semester (a menu of opportunities will be publicized throughout the year).  Some of these events will be UCAAP-specific; others will be open to the entire Brown community.
  3. Write a reflective essay in the spring semester about how your Brown experience, curricular and co-curricular, is preparing you for greater involvement in the community and the world. The essay will be shared with your academic advisor.


UCAAP will introduce students to resources on- and off-campus that will help to challenge and prepare them to lead a full and engaged life, and fulfill Brown’s mission to “serve the community, the nation and the world.”   

UCAAP will introduce students to a network of local community organizations, governmental agencies, policy makers, advocates and political leaders working for change in and around Providence and the state of Rhode Island.

Through UCAAP, students will be assigned an academic advisor who will guide them through more than class registration; UCAAP advisors can help students reflect on their interests and abilities and connect them to resources on- and off-campus to help them make the most of the educational freedom that Brown offers.

UCAAP is an excellent introduction to the Swearer Center and the full spectrum of community service and social change initiatives at Brown.  Participation in UCAAP often serves as a gateway to engaged community and academic involvement that defines a students’ experience at Brown and beyond. 

Finally, UCAAP participants join a group of peers who share their passion for community engagement and social change.

How to Apply

All first-year students are welcome to apply.  The program is especially suited for students who have had prior community service/social justice experience, or those whose idealism and desire to “change the world” will guide their college education and life after Brown. The ideal UCAAP participant is eager and prepared to grapple with complex ideas about social change, and brings humility, respect and an open mind to the task.

The online application is now available on UFunds and the deadline to apply for UCAAP is June 12, 2015.

Learn More

If you have questions about UCAAP, please email Alan Flam, Director of Advising and Community Collaborations at