Off-Campus Work Study

The Off Campus Federal Work-Study (OCFWS) program enables eligible undergraduate federal work-study award recipients to hold paid community service* jobs.  Positions are available during the academic year and summer months (July and August). 

Funds for this program are limited, and applications for off campus work-study will be selected by a committee through a competitive process. Not all proposals will be approved for off-campus work. The funding cycle each year begins with the summer. There is an emphasis on summer assignments with any remaining funds used for limited academic year opportunities.

*Through OCFWS, community agencies are able to hire students at a reduced cost.  Please see eligibility for more information.


Off Campus Federal Work Study positions are available, through an application process, to many students receiving financial aid.  If you are not sure of your eligibility and have not been notified about OCFWS work opportunities, please contact the Student Employment Office.  The Swearer Center works to ensure that opportunities for service under the OCFWS program meet the intention and criteria of the program overall, but the Swearer Center does not make determination of financial eligibility.

To participate students must be in good academic standing in the Off Campus Federal Work-Study program.  If your academic status for the 2016-2017 academic year is in question, you may not be eligible for summer funding.  If you have questions about your academic standing, please contact the Office of the Dean of the College.

For more information about off-campus work-study placements, please contact Betsy Shimberg, Director of Student Development, at

2016-17 Off Campus Federal Work Study Application

Applications for the 2016-17 academic year are now being accepted. Eligible students are encouraged to apply as soon as possible - but no later than Tuesday, September 20thStudents will be notified of their application decision starting the week of September 26th. After that time, applications for the academic year will be considered as long as funding permits.

Please click here for the Off Campus Federal Work Study application. All applications should be emailed to