Connect for Health (formerly Health Leads)

Connect for Health (formerly known as Health Leads) is an organization that envisions a different kind of health care system: one that addresses basic resource needs, such as food, heat, and clothing, among others, as a standard part of quality care.

Connect for Health understands that a lack of basic resources is often at the root cause of poor health. It acknowledges that medicine alone cannot treat the non-medical factors that impact patients’ health, and thus strives to integrate basic resources into healthcare delivery. By providing high-impact services to low-income families, Connect for health is committed to the fight for health equity.

Connect for Health recruits passionate college students as advocates who work with families in clinics across the nation. Connect for Health advocates work alongside patients to help them navigate the complex resource landscape and connect with the basic resources they need to be healthy, as well as empower individuals and families to feel in control of their lives and able to make healthy choices.

Advocates spend 2.5 hours each week at the Hasbro Children’s Hospital clinic conducting outreach and enrolling patients, as well as several hours each week following up with families. Additionally, advocates attend two meetings every week to learn, problem solve, and connect with the full advocate cohort and leadership team. The overall time commitment for advocates is about 7 hours per week.

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