Brown SAT Prep

The Brown SAT Prep Program is a free, Brown student-run initiative, intended for junior and senior high school students from families who cannot afford the expenses of paid tutoring options. These tutoring partnerships are meant to help students build the confidence and skills to perform well on the SAT, as well as offer advice on navigating the college process. Brown SAT Prep is divided into two main parts: the individual tutoring program and the classroom program. 

The individual program involves trained Brown student volunteers who are paired with high school students from the greater community to participate in one-on-one mentorships in a public location on Brown’s campus. Interested students and families should fill out this informational form  and email it to the current Community Fellows. Note that the program runs around the collegiate academic calendar, which is a semester system from February to May, and from September to December. Spots tend to fill quickly, so please reach out as soon as possible to reserve a spot in the program. Once the Community Fellows have confirmed that they have received your information, they shall place each student on the waitlist to be matched. The Community Fellows shall match you as soon as they can, once Brown tutors return to campus. In the Fall, matching occurs in mid-to-late September, and in the Spring, matching occurs in early-to-mid February. Please feel free to watch this video for more information and a visual representation of the individual tutoring program: BSAT Informational Video

The classroom program is a series of initiatives spread out around the Providence area. Pairs of Brown student tutors teach a 6-to-8 week SAT course after school in a classroom setting. These classes are sequential and are predicated upon a partnership with the high school, involving a point person who can recruit and coordinate a space for our tutors. As of spring of 2016 we have five successful partnerships in conjunction with the following schools/programs: Blackstone Academy, Breakthrough Providence, Young Voices, Hope High School, and John Hope Settlement House.

For more information on either program, once again, please reach out to our current Community Fellows.