Nicole Moniz

Nicole Moniz is a College Guide whose hometown is very near to Providence.  She is from the neighboring city, Pawtucket or what many people living in the areas surrounding it know as “Da bucket.” Nicole graduated from Providence College in May with two Bachelors of Arts in Sociology and Women Studies. Nicole will spend her first year after graduating as a College Guide at Rogers High School in Newport, RI. What you might find interesting about her is that for being born and raised in Rhode Island all of her life, she surprisingly doesn’t have a Rhode Island accent. In fact she says she has no accent and “just speaks.” Come meet her and see if you can actually find a RI accent or if she speaks the truth! The reason for Nicole doing this work is significantly due to the fact that she grew up as a first generation student who encountered similar circumstances as the students she will be helping in the college application and financial process. Having benefitted from the National College Advising Corps herself in high school, Nicole feels it is her duty to give back.