How to Apply

How to Apply

We ask applicants for the Social Innovation Fellowships to submit robust and detailed applications. Applicants who submit draft applications will be assigned 2-3 fellowship and Brown alumni advisors to help them hone their project and their proposals. This is not required but is highly recommended. Applicants are also encouraged to meet with Fellowship Directors Lizzie Pollock (Jonathan Kalin in the interim) and Alan Harlam prior to submitting an application.

The application is the same for both Brown and RISD students, however the process to submit is different. Please read below.

Brown students: Please click here to apply through UFunds. The application will open at Friday, October 2 at 5pm. Brown students will need to use the Application Templates below as supplements to the UFunds application, and upload as PDFs before submitting. There are instructions provided in the UFunds application as well. You can SAVE at any time and return later to submit your application.

RISD students: Please click here to download the complete application. RISD students do not have access to UFunds at this time. If you are applying as a team from RISD, please include all applicant information and supporting documents in one PDF.

Students working on commercial ventures are encouraged to apply for the Brown Venture Fellowship, here.

Application Timeline 

  • Draft Proposals due:  November 11, 2015
  • Final Proposal due: December 23, 2015 (at 11:59pm EST)
  • Applicants notified: January 2015
  • Fellows must notify the University if they plan to take a leave of absence for the following fall semester

Application Templates for Fellowship applicants using UFunds: Please click on the links below for the supplemental application materials. Please save as a PDF and upload to UFunds, as noted above.

Submitting a draft proposal?

Submitting a draft proposal is not required, but recommended. If you are interested, you will only be asked to fill out Section 1: Applicant Information and Section 2: Project Proposal. Submit a draft proposal in UFunds by November 11, 2015. There will be a period for the draft application and a period for the final application. Be sure to fill out the SIF Draft Application. RISD students can fill out Section 1 and 2 of the application on the SIF website and send as a PDF to We will be in touch shortly after regarding your proposal advisor assignments.

Applying as a team?

Please select one member to apply on behalf of the team. There will be fields to collect all applicants’ information. When a section of the application asks for personal statements, be sure to upload all personal statements in one PDF. NOTE that all individuals require two recommendation letters. If you are not the individual submitting on behalf of the group, please have your recommender or yourself send the letter directly to For complete instructions, please click here.