Our Fellows

Our Fellows

Who is eligible for the Social Innovation Fellowship?

Any undergraduate who is graduating after May 2017 may apply for the Social Innovation Fellowship. There are up to sixteen funded spots for Brown students and up to two for RISD students. Applicants must be working on a social innovation project that can take multiple forms: a new endeavor that is or has the potential to become a non-profit, student group, or business; or an "intrapreneurial" project, which is an innovation that is built within an existing organization.

Fellows can work individually on their ventures, but we encourage teams to apply together whenever possible. Each eligible fellow - regardless of whether they are working individually or on a team - will receive a $4,000 stipend.

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No funding option:

For Brown/RISD students that do not meet the eligibility requirements, but are eager to participate (such as graduate students and graduating seniors), we will still consider your application. However, our funding restrictions do not allow us to provide the funding to cover full-time work on your venture over the summer.

If you are interested in participating in the no-funding option, please apply using the standard application. We hold the same expectations that you will fully participate in the community in the spring, work on your venture full-time during the summer, and continue in the fall as long as you are on-campus.