Kiera Peltz

The Coding School

We at The Coding School firmly believe that learning how to code is the key to a successful future. Developing this skill gives a person the freedom to enter into any field they desire and pursue any project they envision. Unfortunately, our current education system has failed to ensure that students are adequately prepared with the programming skills necessary to lead to such a life. This is where The Coding School comes in. We aim to fix the lack of computer science education in the United States by implementing in-class and after-school coding programs at K-8 schools around the country. We believe that learning how to code is like learning a foreign language; the earlier a child starts, the easier it becomes.

The Explore Grant will provide the necessary funds to conduct meetings over the summer around the greater Los Angeles area, in which we will meet both with prospective schools interested in our program and prospective college students interested in teaching coding. The Explore Grant will also help provide compensation for college students concentrating in computer science, who will be working on developing curriculum for our classes in Fall 2014 and Spring 2015.

Our immediate goals are centered around the 2014-2015 school year. We would love to have The Coding School in at least 7 schools around Los Angeles for this upcoming year, as well as begin to receive funding through various companies’ grant programs so we can continue to expand and improve our program. Measuring the success of our goals is relatively easy in this manner. We are confident in The Coding School’s mission and believe we are bringing a great resource to schools around Los Angeles, and hopefully soon, the rest of America.


What have you learned about your venture and what progress have you made since receiving the grant?

Since receiving the Explore Grant, The Coding School has had tremendous growth, and we have learned a significant amount in the process. To begin with, we have changed the structure of teaching; instead of having two teachers for each classroom, we instead have one main teacher(that has taught coding in the classroom before) and one assistant teacher. This allows the new, assistant teacher to learn how to teach from the experienced teacher rather than having the two teachers share the position equally.

Furthermore, we have continued to expand to two new schools in the Los Angeles area, and over the next year, plan on expanding further as well.

Our biggest accomplishment was...

when we've had to add additional classes because the waiting list was so long.

We need to improve on...

our infrastructure and expanding our team.

In the future, I hope to...

dedicate more time to the development of The Coding School.