2013 Impact Report: Four Years of Student & Venture Development

September 6, 2013
The first Impact Report presents stories and statistics from four years of the C.V. Starr Social Entrepreneurship Fellowship at Brown.

Click here for a copy of the 2013 Impact Report.

Letter from the Directors

In the last four years, we’ve learned something important from our students: innovative ideas require innovative people.

A simple statement, yet one that has made all the difference in understanding the true impacts of an experience like the C.V. Starr Social Entrepreneurship Fellowship.

Since 2009, the Starr Fellowship has invested in 75 students at Brown University launching or building social ventures. And the investments are far from just financial. Fellows are supported by a strong curriculum that emphasizes hands-on learning and skill- building; enduring, enriching relationships with peers and professionals in our network; and the guidance and funding to take what was once a mere idea for social change and turn it into something real.

The qualities we look for in a strong venture hold true for our fellows: a bold and innovative mission, grounded in community, with measurable returns. This report presents the first look at those returns after four years supporting innovative people with innovative ideas. The data and quotes that follow come from surveys of former Starr Fellows, as well as reflections they have offered in one-on-one interviews.

You will read that nearly 3 out of 4 of the ventures founded by Starr Fellows are still thriving today. This statistic is impressive, but we are just as impressed by the fellows whose ventures have not been successful, who have learned from their endeavors, and found ways to incorporate this learning into their lives and careers.

Rexy Josh Dorado ‘14 , Julia Thompson ‘14, and Alex Braunstein, Communications Manager at the Swearer Center, conducted interviews, culled and analyzed data, and creatively designed this Impact Report. We extend a heartfelt thanks to this talented team for their tireless and inspired efforts.

Full steam ahead,
Alan Harlam & Lizzie Pollock