Brown Social Entrepreneurs Named in Forbes 30 Under 30

January 6, 2014
Credit: KOMAZA

David Schwartz '09, Tevis Howard '07, and Khalil Fuller '15  were among the 30 social entrepreneurs named in the annual Forbes 30 Under 30 ranking.

David Schwartz '09 is co-founder of the Real Food Challenge, an organization that trains college students to pressure campuses to buy real food (local, fair, ecologically sound, and humane; free of additives, GMOs, and major labor law violations, per Schwartz.) To date, the nonprofit has convinced 19 institutions, plus the 10-campus University of California system, to shift $55 million in annual spending. Its Real Food Calculator, an auditing app, tracks progress.


Tevis Howard '07 founded KOMAZA, which serves dryland subsistence farmers, the poorest population on Earth, with the lowest incomes, highest birth rates, and highest child mortality. The intervention: planting trees. By growing indigenous melia and hybrid eucalyptus, these farmers can reap income selling valuable timber for furniture and construction. KOMAZA provides most of the financing but requires farmers to contribute $2. Also helps replenish soil and prevents erosion.


Khalil Fuller '15 is currently on a leave of absence from Brown to run Learn Fresh Education Co., the group behind NBA Math Hoops. Founded by a curriculum developer and math teacher 17 years ago, NBA Math Hoops is a basketball board game, school curriculum and now mobile app that makes math fun for kids. Fuller has brought the game to 500 schools and afterschool programs, reaching some 15,000 students.

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