First Innovate Change Lab Explores Intersections

April 2, 2014

On Thursday, March 20th, the first ever Innovate Change Lab brought together 100 students and innovators at Flatbread Company for two hours of presentations, networking, and delicious flatbread. With the theme of “Intersections,” presenters included:

  • Bernise Ang, a leader in the movement to tackle urban poverty in Singapore with the social venture Syinc

  • Isabelle Yisak ‘14.5 and Rexy Dorado ‘15, representing Kaya Co., a social venture that blends social innovation and ethnic identity within the Filipino diaspora

  • Amanda Chew ‘14, a current Social Innovation Fellow who mixes social change with mobile technology through her work in Nairobi and Providence

  • Patty Dranoff RISD ‘15 and Prithika Mohan ‘15, who are working on DESINE_Lab, a social venture that combines art, design, games, and city planning in Sri Lanka

Coming together from diverse backgrounds and histories, each of these speakers and the students in attendance share one common goal - finding innovative solutions to social problems.

“The speakers motivated and inspired me,” said Margaret Mathieu ‘17. “I liked how people with similar interests came together to listen to inspirational stories.”

Innovate Change Lab is a student-led initiative sponsored by the Social Innovation Initiative that aims to develop a community around social innovation, design thinking, and systems change. This creates a platform to showcase social innovation work happening on and off campus and a space for collaboration and networking for anyone interested in social innovation.

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