First Embark Fellows Launch Campaigns and Careers in Entrepreneurship

April 9, 2015

The Social Innovation Initiative is excited to announce that three student-founded ventures have been selected for the Embark Post-Graduate Fellowship.

Learn more about each venture below and support them now through May 8th on their crowdfunding campaigns:

The Embark Post-Graduate Fellowship​ encourages students to view entrepreneurship as a valuable career option,​ ​creates support structures to help​ their​ ventures gain traction after graduation,​ ​and​ ​builds​ ​a connected alumni community to support new​ ​graduates in the field. The creation and launch of the Embark Fellowship is a result of collaborative effort across the entire Brown entrepreneurship community — including Brown EPBEO, and the School of Engineering.

2015 Embark Fellows

Beat The Streets Providence
William (Billy) Watterson '15

Wrestling has been a passion of founder Billy Watterson since middle school, and his organization Beat The Streets has already proven itself successful at sharing the sport with the next generation of Providence school children. This after school wrestling program aimed at urban youth is far more than a sports club, however; participants have demonstrated improvement in academic, attendance, health, and social-emotional outcomes. Watterson hopes that an Embark fellowship will help expand the program into every Providence middle school as well as provide the jumpstart necessary to found the first high school chapter.

Benjamin Chesler '15

There are many junctures in the produce supply chain where waste prevents perfectly delicious and healthful food from nourishing hungry Americans. Benjamin Chesler has investigated various alternative models of food distribution and recovery and has founded his own organization, Imperfect, to keep aesthetically imperfect but otherwise healthful and delicious fruits and vegetables from ending up in the dumpster. The unique revenue model of this subscription-based service is designed to minimize waste in the supply chain while redirecting aid to hungry Americans who need it most.

Xoi Juice 
Myron Lam '15 and Linh Tran '15

The founding duo of Xoi Juice are motivated by the disparities in wealth present between the relative wealth of modern Vietnam’s metropolitan centers and the plight of farmers in nearby rural communities. The venture hopes to produce and market the juice of a superfood fruit grown in the Central Highland region of Vietnam cultivated by members of the Ede ethnic minority community. Their product will fill a demand for healthful alternative beverages in US markets while creating a supply chain that works to empower the Ede communities involved in its production.