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Ben and Jerry’s Foundation

Although the Ben & Jerry's Foundation doesn't prioritize any particular issue area for funding, we do focus on the types of activities and strategies an organization uses for creating social change in any number of areas. The Foundation will only consider proposals from grassroots, constituent-led organizations that are organizing for systemic social change. We support programs and projects that are examples of creative problem-solving.

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Cartier Women's Initiative Awards

The Cartier Women's Initiative Awards, an entrepreneurship competition for start-ups led by women organized by Cartier in partnership with McKinsey and INSEAD business school.

This social entrepreneurship competition aims at creative, financially sustainable and responsible women-led start-ups, in all countries and industries.

 The Award will be given to six laureates who will receive a year of coaching, $20,000 in funding, valuable networking opportunities as well as media exposure.

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Do Something Awards

The Do Something Awards (formerly the BR!CK Awards) identifies exceptional young social entrepreneurs, activists, and community leaders who have a significant social impact. The Do Something Award nominees and winners are the pivotal "do-ers" in their fields and causes. For this year's awards five nominees will be selected and rewarded with a $10,000 community grant, participation in the second Do Something Awards TV show on VH1, media coverage, and continued support from Of those five nominees, one will be selected to win the Grand Prize, a $100,000 grant, which will be announced during the live broadcast.

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Harvard Business School New Venture Competition

The HBS New Venture Competition supports students and alumni launching new business and social impact ventures. Our teams are on a mission to solve important problems that will advance both business and society in impactful new ways. Many will start with one simple idea and a compelling vision for what the future "could be". They will turn road blocks into avenues and hard questions into innovative solutions. They will not do it alone. Together with their teams and the support of the HBS community both here and beyond, our competition will serve as a launching pad for their courageous journey to make a difference in the world.

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$150,000 and in-kind prizes
Haymarket Sustaining Grant

Haymarket makes Sustaining Grants from $3,000-$12,000/year for grassroots, social change organizations that meet our funding criteria and priorities. We fund both start-up groups and groups that are more established.

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Haymarket Urgent Response Grant

Haymarket makes Urgent Response grants of up to $1,000/year to help grassroots, social change organizations respond quickly to unforeseen crises or opportunities that critically affect their organization and constituency.

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Hitachi Foundation: Yoshiyama Young Entrepreneurs

Are you or do you know the next Yoshiyama Young Entrepreneur? Did you establish a financially viable business with the intention of offering low-wealth individuals in America a leg up? Have you been in business for 1-5 years? Were you between the ages of 18 and 29 when you launched your business? If so, you may be eligible for the Yoshiyama Young Entrepreneurs Program.

The Yoshiyama Program will identify up to six entrepreneurs ages 18-29 who formed financially viable businesses that create jobs, supply goods or services, or use internal management practices enabling low-wealth individuals the opportunity to achieve greater economic security. The Foundation will provide these entrepreneurs with a cash prize up to $50,000 over two years, access to technical resources, and a peer learning community. In exchange, the Foundation intends to capture the stories of these inspiring young business leaders who serve as examples of how to run a financially sustainable business that also gives a boost to people who are outside the economic mainstream. Supporting the development of these leaders and entrepreneurs, learning from them, and sharing their stories will animate and inform an emerging national and global conversation about the role of business in improving lives and strengthening communities.

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Hult Prize

The Hult Prize Foundation is a start-up accelerator for budding young social entrepreneurs emerging from the world’s universities. Named as one of the top five ideas changing the world by President Bill Clinton and TIME Magazine, the annual competition for the the Hult Prize aims to identify and launch the most compelling social business ideas—start-up enterprises that tackle grave issues faced by billions of people. Winners receive USD 1 million in seed capital, as well as mentorship and advice from the international business community. 

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Jenzabar Foundation Student Leaderships Awards

The Jenzabar Foundation finds and rewards student leadership that is committed to humanitarian efforts. The Foundation gives student groups the opportunity for financial support as they take on humanitarian projects.

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JW Saxe Memorial Fund for Public Service

A prize of $2000 will be awarded to one or more college or university students involved in public service. The award is meant to enable the student to gain practical experience in public service by taking a no-pay or low-pay job or internship during a summer or other term. Preference will be given to applicants who have already found such a position, but who require additional funds.

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Linda Pei Undergradute Research Grant

New in 2008, the Linda Pei Undergraduate Research Grant supports an undergraduate research project related to issues of women’s financial empowerment such as: gender equality in the workplace; micro-lending to women in developing nations; and, the relationship between educational attainment and financial independence for women. The $1000 grant is to be used to further research.

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MacJannet Prize

MacJannet Prize Call for Nominations

The fifth annual MacJannet Prize will recognize exceptional student civic engagement initiatives based in Talloires Network member universities around the world and contribute financially to their ongoing public service efforts.

Visit their website to learn more, see profiles of previous winners, and nominate a program.

Projects for Peace

Davis Projects for Peace is an initiative for all students at the Davis United World College Scholars Program schools to design their own grassroots projects for peace that they themselves will implement anywhere in the world during the summer of 2009. Through a competition on over 90 campuses, 100 projects will be selected for funding at $10,000 each

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Rhode Island Business Plan Competition

The Rhode Island Business Plan Competition is the leading community-supported business plan competition in the Northeast, supported by private businesses, colleges and universities, public entities, and nonprofit organizations. Established in 2000, the Competition aims to further develop the entrepreneurial spirit in Rhode Island and help create growth companies that will increase local employment. The Competition encourages plans for new businesses, as well as from early stage companies. An early stage, or seed stage, company typically is at the inventor stage where there is an idea, a concept, or even a product, but little or no income has been generated yet.

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Rhode Island Elevator Pitch Contest

The $1K Rhode Island Elevator Pitch Contest will be a high-energy, lively evening where you will have 90 seconds to present your idea to a diverse audience and panel of judges. This 90-second period represents the time you'd have to share a long elevator ride with that potential investor. This is a great opportunity to get your idea in front of investors, gather valuable feedback, potentially meet new teammates or advisors, and possibly win some cash! The event will take place December 8, 2009 from 5-7pm and is free and open to the public.

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Samuel Huntington Public Service Award

The Samuel Huntington Public Service Award provides a $10,000 stipend for a graduating college senior to pursue one year of public service anywhere in the world. The award allows recipients to engage in a meaningful public service activity for one year before proceeding on to graduate school or a career.

To apply, please develop a proposal for public service in this country or abroad. The proposal may encompass any activity that furthers the public good. It can be undertaken by yourself alone or by working through established charitable, religious, educational, governmental, or other public service organizations.

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SEED Awards for Entrepreneurship and Sustainable Development The SEED Awards supports "locally-led, innovative, entrepreneurial partnerships in developing countries, which have the potential to make real improvements in poverty eradication and environmental sustainability." The project recognizes 15 finalists and 5 award winners. Winners receive capacity building training and organizational support, estimated at a $40,000 value.
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The CJP/PresenTense Boston Social Entrepreneur Fellowship

The CJP/PresenTense Boston Social Entrepreneur Fellowship aims to engage, leverage, and inspire the Boston Jewish Community. The fellowship intends to encourage fellows to utilize the vast resources of the Jewish community to solve existing social problems.

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Unreasonable Institute

Unreasonable Institute gets entrepreneurs what they need to scale solutions to the world’s biggest problems. We do this by identifying entrepreneurs with the potential to address problems like poverty, lack of education, and social injustice at scale, and then by swarming them with mentors, funders, and partners to help grow their impact. Our goal is to help each of these ventures scale up to meaningfully impact the lives of at least one million people each.

Connections with 100+ funders
William James Foundation - Socially Repsonsible Business Plan Competition Entrepreneurs who are seeking to accomplish social and/or environmental goals within the structure of a for-profit company should consider entering our competition. The William James Foundation works with more than 500 reading judges, who are world-class experts in sustainable business. 3/4ths of our reading judges chose to sign their scorecards, giving you the option to connect with these industry leaders as potential mentors, customers, investors, and champions. The 2011-12 In-Kind prizes will be worth more than $100,000. The top three teams in each of our two main prize categories (Idea-Phase and Venture-Phase) will each divide up at least $10,000 in cash prizes. Learn more. $100,000
Young Activist Award: Mario Savio Memorial Lecture Fund

This award, which carries a cash prize of $6000, is presented each year to a young person (or persons) with a deep commitment to human rights and social justice and a proven ability to transform this commitment into effective action. The recipients should have demonstrated leadership abiliy, creativity, and integrity. The cash award is divided equally between the individual recipient and an organization of his/her choosing.

Nominations for the Young Activist Award may be submitted at any time by filling out the Nomination Form. Nominations for the next award are due by June 30 of the current year. Finalists will be asked to submit further supporting documents (letters of recommendation, articles by or about the candidate, etc.)

All submissions to: Savio@Sonic.Net

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Holstee Fellowship

$1,000 each month is allocated to help jump start someone's dream project. From community initiatives to art projects to new businesses - all dreams are welcome. 

Their hope with this Fellowship is to enable friends new and old to bring the words of the manifesto to life, each in their own way.

Would you help us to share this beyond the Holstee community?

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Verb Global Entrepreneurship Competitions

Verb offers three global entrepreneurship competition types: Grand Challenge, Mini-Grand Challenge, and Spotlight Challenge. Each competition type provides a distinctive value to corporations, foundations, and governments.

Verb competitions seek innovative ideas and solutions to pressing social issues across the world and provide entrepreneurs the opportunity to receive tools, mentoring, and funding to strengthen their ventures.

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