Shawn Verma and Elaine Zhao

Trendvetter is a Providence-based technology start-up company that, thanks in part to the seed funding support of the Brown Venture Launch Fund, is in its early stages of product development and market validation.  We at Trendvetter create web-based tools to help online retailers increase sales and personalize user experiences.

Personal Statement:  Shawn Verma '13 graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree from Brown University's Program in Liberal Medical Education.  He co-founded Trendvetter with Cheng Lun (Sam) Chen M'14, Brown, Computer Science; and C.J. Bordeleau '10, University of Rhode Island, Economics.  The team is very appreciative of the Swearer Center's support in launching their latest venture.

Blog Post:  Thus far, we have developed a landing page where the clients we aim to acquire (retailers with an online presence, including big box and Shopify vendors) can visit to sign up for updates and releases once our beta prototype is launched.  Our team has mapped out the direction of how to develop the software and we have begun early development.  We are in the process of being legally incorporated and drafting business plan documents.  We are very excited to continue to work on this venture over the summer and to hit the ground running!  The idea for the venture came out the Brown's 3-Day Startup Competition held in April 2013 on Brown's campus.  We would like to acknowledge and thank all of our mentors and all those who have helped us along the way.