Social Innovation Fellows: Jed Greenberg, MPA '15

"I engage community residents in sustainability issues through community-based learning, research, and action."

Meet Jed

Taubman Fellow
Needham, MA
Concentration: Master in Public Affairs

I am a MPA student at Brown’s Taubman Center with interests in social and environmental policy and social entrepreneurship. After working in the nonprofit sector for several years and studying the challenges of climate change, biodiversity loss, and inequality it has become increasingly clear to me that more can and must be done to further engage the general public in sustainability issues. Given that these are human made problems they require human solutions - developed by policymakers and the public alike.

Sustainable Communities Initiative

Rhode Island

The Sustainable Communities Initiative (SCI) addresses the sustainability crisis by closing the knowledge gap that exists between the scientific community and the general public and increasing the level of civic engagement on sustainability issues. SCI achieves its goals by delivering enrichment education programming, offering participatory research opportunities, and supporting informed community action.