Social Innovation Fellows: Jessica Brown '16

"I work to empower first generation students."

Meet Jessica

Leslie Miller Altman Fellow 14-15
Canton, OH
Concentration: Business, Entrepreneurship, and Organizations

I am a first generation college student. I didn't understand the complexities of the 1G identity until I experienced setbacks my freshman year. I felt alone and lost within the University. Working to create leaders amongst the first generation community is necessary because I do not want other students to feel that sense of misdirection. I am inspired by the prospects of a strong first generation Ivy League community and am excited for the institutional change that we hope to create.


United States

1vyG is an organization which seeks to strengthen and empower the first-generation network by convening communities made of both students and administrators, connecting students to pre-existing resources, recognizing gaps within these resources, and advocating for change. By challenging and inspiring each other, we aim to help students step into their power and create a more equitable educational system.

Teammates: Manuel Contreras '16, Stanley Stewart '16