Embark Post-Graduate Fellowship

We are proud to annouce the 2017 Embark Fellows! Click here to read about the current cohort.

The Embark Fellowship supports graduating students seeking to pursue their entrepreneurial ventures as full-time endeavors post-graduation. The mission of the Embark Fellowship is three-fold:

  • Encourage students to see entrepreneurship as a viable career option.
  • Create support structures to help ventures gain traction after graduation.
  • Build a connected alumni community to support new graduates in field.

The goal of Embark is to support select ventures each year that present the most compelling case for potential impact after graduation. Embark provides fellows with financial resources, structure, coaching, professional services, and connections with a network of alumni and local innovators necessary for recent grads to pursue their venture full time after graduation. Our goal is to advance Embark ventures within one year to the point of raising their own sustainable funding.

The financial resources are a salary replacement. If your venture requires funding to build expensive prototypes or other large capital expenditures then you will need to demonstrate your plan to attain separate additional funds.