Venture Support

Translate your idea for social change into action.

Do you have an idea with social impact? We offer grants and fellowships that support students as well as community leaders starting or building social ventures in 4 phases.

What is a social venture?

A venture is simply a project or undertaking; a social venture is when that project or undertaking aims to address a social problem. The Social Innovation Initiative believes that these ventures should have a clearly articulated theory of change and should utilize a broad range of tools to advance impact.

Following are the four stages of support SII offers:
Opportunity Purpose Amount Eligibility Application Deadline
Explore Grants Just an idea: Grants to support the development and testing of new ideas $500 All undergraduates at Brown Rolling
Social Innovation Fellowship Ready to build: Year-long Social Innovation Fellowship for those who have a specific social impact venture they are starting or building.
Students on financial aid are eligible for Summer Earnings Waivers.
Undergraduates at Brown, or

Pairs of Community Leaders and Undergraduates  working collaboratively on local projects
See Social Innovation Fellowship website
Expand Grants Grow: Grants to support the continuation and/or expansion of testing, implementing or achieving critical milestones that will allow the project to accelerate the level of impact and sustainability Up to $3,000 per grant, with a lifetime cap of $5,000 per venture. Any undergraduate who has previously been awarded an Explore Grant or a Social Innovation Fellowship Rolling - Only students who have participated in other phases are eligble
Embark Post- Graduate Fellowship Launch: Embark Fellowship supports graduating students pursuing their entrepreneurial ventures as full-time endeavors post-graduation Approximately $35,000 for individuals and $50,000 for teams. Embark awards challenge grants to fellows that match the amount raised by fellows on a crowd-funding platform and elsewhere.  Any graduating student (Undergrad, Masters, PhD) Rolling - Only

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