A Very BRYTE Thanksgiving (with pictures!)

Posted by BRYTE (Brown Refugee Youth Tutoring and Enrichment) Community Fellows. Learn more on their website at refugeetutoring.com.

Through the BRYTE program, Brown students tutor and mentor students in refugee families that have recently relocated to Providence from countries including Burundi, Rwanda, Somalia, Eritrea, Central African Republic, Iraq, Iran, and Nepal.

Brown student volunteers meet with their mentees for tutoring and enrichment activities to empower refugee youth to overcome academic and social barriers during a critical time of transition. In addition to the one-on-one in-home tutoring, BRTYE convenes an annual Thanksgiving celebration for all its families and tutors, and runs a six week summer program to build English acquisition skills and prevent summer learning loss.  BRYTE tutors, community partners, and families came together to celebrate at The International Institute of Rhode Island. BRYTE Thanksgiving brought together 100 people from 25 BRYTE families, with each family bringing a favorite dish to share.