Into the Woods with OLEEP

Posted by OLEEP Community Fellows Tanya Saxena and Aaron Reyes. 

OLEEP, Brown's Outdoor Leadership Environmental Education Program, kicked-off October with an awesome day hike in Lincoln, RI.

After packing our bags, a group of excited Brown and Met students gathered at the Met before heading to Lincoln Woods. We started the day playing an energizing game of Yeehaw under the beautiful fall leaves. Aaron wowed us with his groovy interpretation of kale in the veggie-off. During the next few hours, we hiked through the woods, ate lots of GORP, and bonded before settling down for a delicious lakeside lunch. Three of our Brown mentors (Abby, Jeremy and Jared) facilitated a tree-themed workshop. We played Tree Hugger, and "Importance of Trees" charades, where we learned cool facts about how much we depend on trees. After a discussion about deforestation, we learned all about tree identification (including which leaves are the best to eat and which you should stay away from!) and made leaf rubbings. Our day ended with quiet reflection time on the water— a perfect finale to our wonderful day!