Faculty and Administrators


Presidents Paxson and HoganPresidents Paxson and HoganThe Brown - Tougaloo Partnership (BTP) has supported faculty exchanges, collaborative research projects, visiting lecture positions, summer course offerings, commencement support and other institutional level initiatives. Offerings vary according to the interest of faculty and staff, but are designed to promote and support the unique history and strengths of these two institutions. Members of Advisory Boards on both campuses are available for consultation.


In the early 1960's during the Civil Rights Movement, Brown University and Tougaloo College entered into a formal relationship. Despite an uneasy start that included Brown faculty "helping" Tougaloo faculty teach Tougaloo students "proper English", the partnership has maintained a steadfast presence for over 40 years. It continually reacts to changes within and between both institutions, to society at large, and is designed to foster creativity and the development of unique collaborations. Faculty involvement remains a fundamental element of this unique partnership.


Faculty exchanges and/or the development of programs and projects are reviewed by the Brown University – Tougaloo College Campus Advisory Committee. A concept paper should be submitted for review to the Committee at least 6 months prior to proposed implementation dates. Funding must be secured by the applicant with support from the BTP.