The Brown - Tougaloo Partnership (BTP) has several student programs including the:

  • Student Semester Exchange Program – This program offers students the
    opportunity to study at the partner institution. Exchanges are for one semester, usually in a student's junior year. The program has several funds that support the exchange and Brown is committed to fully funding five Tougaloo students on-site each academic year. Academic credits are awarded by the home institution after review. Motivated students may participate in research and/or internship positions during the semester and/or in the continuous summer. For these additional experiences, contact the BTP representatives on campus early, so they can help you organize these activities.
  • Student visits – These visits are arranged as needed and offer students the opportunity to visit the partner campus and explore the academic and cultural environments.
  • Bernstein Scholars  The BTP offers a stipend for students interested in pursuing independent study or other projects that promote and benefit the BTP.
  • Summer Research  There are many opportunities for Tougaloo students to participate in researach at Brown through The Leadership Alliance and other departments. Brown students can study at Tougaloo with The Jackson Heart Study Program and/or create an independent study project. Contact us for more information.


In the early 1960's during the Civil Rights Movement, Brown University and Tougaloo College entered into a formal relationship of which the student study away was a main component. It remains a fundamental element of this partnership, providing students with an opportunity to experience a different academic and cultural community within a complex and rich historical arena.


Applications for the Student Semester Exchange Program are due by February 1 for the following Fall/Spring semester and October 1 for the next academic year - Fall or Spring. The October 1 deadline allows you to apply one year in advance. Further information is available through the BTP offices on either campus and requests for student visits are organized by the BTP office as needed.

For Brown students going to Tougaloo:

For Tougaloo students going to Brown:

Contact us for more information.