Undergraduate Student Semester Exchange (SSE)


The Brown-Tougaloo Partnership Student Semester Exchange Program  is BTP’s longest standing signature program. It embodies the Partnership’s core mission, offering Brown and Tougaloo undergraduates the opportunity to study at the partner institution, and experience a different academic and cultural community within a complex and rich historical arena.  On Semester Exchange, students are expected to immerse themselves fully in academic and campus life and the overall residential college experience at the partner institution.  Motivated students may participate in research and/or internship positions during the semester and/or in the summer after a spring semester exchange and apply for a Bernstein Scholarship to help fund research and other projects during their Semester Exchange.  (Students interested in pursuing independent study or other projects that promote and benefit the BTP who did not take part in Semester Exchange may also apply for Bernstein Scholarship awards, but funding priority is given to projects undertaken by students who have participated in the Semester Exchange and other BTP programs.)  Tougaloo students may apply for summer research opportunities at Brown through The Leadership Alliance and other programs that partner with BTP such as the Minority Health International Research Training Program (MHIRT), or RI-NASA Space Grant.  At Tougaloo, Brown students can study with The Jackson Heart Study Program.  For these additional experiences, contact the BTP representatives on campus early, so they can help you organize these activities. 

 Applications:  Exchanges are for one semester, during the regular fall or spring semesters, and the deadlines to apply take place early each semester.  Interested students should therefore speak with their academic advisors and contact the SSE representative on their home campus early in the semester to discuss the application process and requirements.  The student’s home institution determines whether a student is eligible to apply and must endorse a student’s application before it can be considered by the partner institution.

 Each year, up to 5 Brown and 5 (non-EIP-Med) Tougaloo students can participate in the Semester Exchange.  Students in good standing in any area of academic study may apply.  Through the EIP-Med program, 2 additional Tougaloo students, who have applied early to Brown’s Warren Alpert Medical School, may apply and participate also in the Semester Exchange, for up to 7 total Semester Exchange students at Brown from Tougaloo each academic year. 

Applications for the Student Semester Exchange Program are due to the partner institution by February 1 (for Fall Exchange) and October 1 (for Spring Exchange.  Although a partner may decide to extend an application deadline, students are strongly encouraged to plan ahead and apply as early as possible.  Students may seek permission to apply a full cycle early to assist in their efforts to plan accordingly.  Further information is available through the BTP offices on either campus.

Financial Aid: Brown calculates and processes Semester Exchange financial aid awards for participating Tougaloo and Brown students.  Brown is committed to fully funding tuition and required fees for Tougaloo students on Semester Exchange at Brown each academic year.  Financial aid for other costs of attendance (such as campus housing, meal plan, travel, and other personal expenses) depends on demonstrated student financial need. 

 Transfer credits for courses successfully completed during an exchange semester are subject to the policies and approval processes of the home institution.

For further information contact:

Nirva LaFortune
Assistant Director for Scholars Programs and Diversity Initiatives
Brown University
[email protected]