At Brown, two standing groups oversee the activities of the Brown University –Tougaloo College Partnership (BTP). They are:

The Advisory Council on Relations with Tougaloo College

The Advisory Council on Relations with Tougaloo College is the principal governance body. This Council consists of up to 15 members appointed by the President of Brown University. Terms of appointment are typically for three year and may be renewed. 

The Council considers long-term policy and planning issues, strategic direction, and efficacy of implementation concerning the relationship between Brown University and Tougaloo College. The Council is staffed by the Deputy Provost and the Executive Director of the Leadership Alliance.

Brown University–Tougaloo College Campus Advisory Committee

The Campus Advisory Committee is the principle management entity on the Brown University campus. This committee is composed of faculty, administrators and staff , and the purpose is to oversee and implement programs and initiatives, while maintaining fluid and active communications with interested parties.

At Brown, the BTP is led by a University Coordinator, who is appointed by the President. In conjunction with the Committee, the Coordinator may form an Executive Board and Working Groups as necessary. The purpose of the Executive Board is to provide oversight of the BTP activities and ensure consistency with the overall mission, objectives, and goals of Campus Advisory Committee