The Brown -Tougaloo Partnership (BTP) at Brown is supported by several small endowments in addition to grants and institutional funds. Two new endowments are in the process of being created, and they are:

The Charles A. Baldwin II Fund was established in memory of Reverend Charles Baldwin, Brown University's chaplain from 1958 to 1990. The fund will provide financial aid for a Tougaloo College graduate at the Brown Medical School.

The medical scholarship has been funded in the full amount needed to name the endowment, and is in the process of being created.

The Bernstein Family Fund will fund research projects led by students involved in the Brown-Tougaloo Student Semester Exchange Program. Activities may include, but are not limited to, convening focus groups, conducting field research related to historical, public health, cultural, policy and/or community-based projects that would have an impact on student learning while improving and fostering the partnership between Brown and Tougaloo.