Freedom Now!


In the summer of 2002, six students from Brown University and Tougaloo College joined a group of faculty and staff from each campus to conduct research in the Tougaloo College Archives. The project lasted 10 weeks, two at Brown and eight at Tougaloo. A major product of this initiative is a website that provides an overview of the Brown University - Tougaloo College Partnership and documentation of the Mississippi Freedom Movement.


The web-based archive of the Mississippi Civil Rights Movement and the Brown-Tougaloo Cooperative Exchange, provides historical documents to promote an understanding and remembrance of a complex history and to see the freedom struggle as ongoing.

"Everyone involved with this project finds much to appreciate and much to despair over in the histories of the two institutions, their relationship, and the historical events of which they are a part. We know that our personal histories are richer because of the Brown Tougaloo Cooperative Exchange, and hope the same is true of others on the two campuses. We believe that we can learn from the history we uncovered so that the relationship between Tougaloo College and Brown University will continue to be a model for how two such institutions can help each other."

--Susan Smulyan, Associate Professor
Department of American Civilization
Brown University