Wintersession Course Proposals for 2018 (Academic Year 2017-2018) were due via UFunds by 11:45 p.m. on February 24, 2017.

Proposals include the following items:

  • A tentative course syllabus, including:
    • A general course description, with a sense of your pedagogical approach and the types of assessments you might use
    • Why the Wintersession timeframe is particularly useful for your course
    • A sampling of the materials upon which you will be drawing
    • Any particular resources needed or space considerations
    • How students will fulfill the required number of hours of work in- and outside the classroom (the minimum for a full-credit course is 180 hours in and outside of the classroom, typically including 48 hours of in-class contact)
    • How the course will enhance your department’s curriculum
  • A letter of support from your program/department chair
    • Faculty who teach during Wintersession are compensated in the form of trading a semester course. Department chairs must authorize your teaching in Wintersession in exchange for a course in a subsequent term. If you are the chair of your department, please explain how you will trade your course.
  • A budget
    • Up to $4,000 in course development funds will be available. Additional resources might be available for online course development. Please detail any expenses related to the development of your course.

Wintersession Destination Courses
If you intend to apply for a GELT grant to offer a destination Wintersession course, please be sure to answer the supplemental questions at the end of the UFunds Wintersession proposal. You will not need to complete a separate GELT application form.

The destination course supplement includes:

  • Your CV
  • Country security information
  • Statement of experience in the host country
  • Travel component rationale
  • Student eligibility and application process
  • Program budget for the travel component
  • Host country letter of support

Course Proposal System
Faculty whose courses are approved during Wintersession 2018 must submit the course syllabus to the Banner Course Proposal System by June 15, 2017.

Confirming Active Courses

Courses with fewer than 10 enrolled students may be canceled. Faculty will be notified after registration closes on December 1.