Wintersession 2019






No dollar amount is calculated for housing as part of the Wintersession cost-of-attendance. For students who live in an on-campus residence, this cost is included in the cost of academic year housing. Students who live off campus will be responsible for their rent payments, as usual, and should not anticipate a refund for housing. 

Meal Plan (On-Campus Only - Optional)*

$500 (full Wintersession) / $175 (weekly rate)

Books & Personal Expenses (Estimated)


Travel (Destination Courses)

Essential travel costs (flights, accommodations, most meals, health insurance for international locations, site tickets) are covered by the GELT grant.

Total Estimated Cost of Wintersession Attendance


*Most destination course meals will be covered while abroad. During the days spent on campus, students may wish to purchase meals through dining services, and can do so at the above rates.

Financial aid is available. Please visit the Wintersession Financial Aid page for more information.