"I don't know what it was, but my coach always knew what to say. She made sure that the goals we put in place were realistic and took into account my personal fatigue that I had towards the end of a very hard year. My coach never made me feel ashamed of my standing at Brown and was always encouraging."


"My academic coach has the same concentration as me - Anthropology - so it was really helpful when she recommended certain courses in the department. She also gave me advice on how to approach professors for research opportunities as well as the possible career options beyond graduation."


"My coach was incredibly kind, nice, and nonjudgemental. I felt like I could ask the most basic of questions regarding academic strategies and she would give me a really considerate, thoughtful, and helpful answer."


"The best part of working with my coach was his ability to offer realistic advice given my conditions. He knew the things that were most important to me and I felt honest enough to tell him what works and what wouldn't. If I had a particular studying strategy in mind, he would offer his feedback and suggestions for me which I think helped me modify my study schedule to find the best study skills for me."


"Meeting somebody in my desired concentration with the same struggles as myself was encouraging and perhaps most beneficial. Learning how to manage test anxiety through improved studying and coping measures was highly beneficial as well. The first really made me grasp perspective for my problems and made me feel less intimidated by them."


"My coach was a very easygoing person who understood my needs extremely well. She was supportive even when I went to her most distressed and she always was willing to help in any way that she could. She went as far as getting me in touch with her friend in a field of Biology that I was interested to help me land an internship! This was far beyond the realm of the tasks she was required to do, and I really appreciated it.
What I also appreciated a lot was the way she gave me exactly the amount of help I wanted. She was willing to check in on me everyday if I felt that were necessary, but she was also willing to step back if I needed some space to figure things out for myself. She served as an amazing mentor!"


"I think the advice she was able to give me from her personal experience was most beneficial for me. We are both premed so she was able to really relate to the classes I was taking and the struggles I was facing. She also helped me learn from her own mistakes and taught me that there isn't one right track and method of being premed and getting into medical school."