Meals With Your Advisees

Sitting down to a meal is a powerful way to cement social and academic bonds with your advisees. The Dean of the College Office has set aside funds for just this purpose. First-year and sophomore advisors can have lunch with their advisees once per year at the Faculty Club or at a local restaurant, or can invite students to their home for a meal. Information about reservations, meal options, and reimbursement is below. Advisors who dine with their advisees are asked to fill out the Meal Form  and to submit it along with any receipts for reimbursement to the DOC.

Advisors who serve as both first-year and sophomore advisors may take each group of advisees to lunch. If you would prefer to meet your advisees each semester, we encourage you to consider treating them to coffee or tea.

Lunch at the Faculty Club

Call the Faculty Club at x3-3023 for a reservation and be sure to mention you are with the First-Year or Sophomore DOC Advising Program. The Faculty Club has the account number on file. The Office of the Dean of the College takes care of the bill; there is no need to submit a receipt. 

Lunch at a local restaurant

The Office of the Dean of the College will reimburse your expenses at a rate of $10.00 per person (including Advisor, Meiklejohns, and first-year students) per year. Meiklejohns are not allowed to host meals without the advisor being present. Reimbursements can only be made when receipts are submitted along with the Meal Form.

A meal at your home

While advisees appreciate a meal anywhere with their advisors, dining at their advisor's home is particularly special. The Dean of the College office will reimburse up to $10.00 per person for a meal at your house. Again, please submit receipts for purchases along with the Meal Form.